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The Hub Key To Sporting Success

The Hub Programme is a Comprehensive Performance Programme built around three steps designed to improve your training and competition. The Hub programme is an easy to use online resource which will improve every aspect of your sporting life.

  1. Step 1. Identify Your Athlete Level
  2. Step 2. Check out the components you need to add to your programme
  3. Step 3. Add them to your current programme

The Hub Programme covers many areas of a high quality development programme, creating a unique programme built around your individual needs, from eating the right food in order to maximise performance, to developing the body and the mind, for improved training and competition.

Create A Lifestyle Primed For Success

Olympic and British No.1 technical coach Nino Severino and his Hub team have looked at every aspect of training and preparation, and have created a comprehensive programme which covers areas such as mental skills, decision making, injury prevention and teamwork.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Leon Smith

Is ex-coach to Sir Andy Murray who eventually went on to become a multi Grand Slam and Olympic Champion. The prestigious Davis Cup was awarded to Leon Smith’s world beating team which included both Sir Andy Murray and Jamie Murray.

"I have known Nino Severino for several years in his capacity as coach to Elena Baltacha. In October 2011 I took up the position as Head of British Tennis at the LTA which brought a close working relationship with Nino. I have nothing but high praise for the quality of coaching that Nino has to offer. He is hugely motivational, hardworking, very organised and has good communication skills. He has many years of experience as a Tour coach on the WTA circuit and will be able to use this expertise to help develop the next generation of talented players that he works with.”

Martyn Waghorn

Top Performing 2017/2018 Championship Football Player

From my first meeting with Nino we connected instantly on everything performance and sport related. I noticed a big change in my approach to sport and how I view my game. The way Nino helps athletes think and mentally prepare the mind has really helped me learn how to structure my thoughts around my sport a lot clearer. His attention to detail was second to none but what was also very important to me was we built a great friendship, which made working together very enjoyable.

Nigel Sears

Ex Head of British Women's Tennis and Coach to Grand Slam Champion, Ana Ivanovic

“Nino did a tremendous job as coach/mentor to Elena, working one on one on the tour is an intense business and he handled it very well. He is always open to advice when it is given and he takes his role very seriously. Their results speak for themselves. Having worked alongside Nino Severino and Elena Baltacha during my time spent with the LTA as Head Coach of Women’s Tennis...both at home in the UK and at many tournaments abroad, I would have no hesitation in recommending him very highly. Nino has a gift for managing athletes across most sports and a unique skill set of pulling everything together. He has a clear vision of the pathway forward for whoever he works with and helps to package their programme in meticulous fashion pulling everything together in a very positive team environment.”

100's of athletes have benefited from The Hub, winning regional, national, European and world titles and medals. Athletes such as Elena Baltacha who considered retirement just before meeting Nino Severino. Nino has a reputation for turning athletes lives around, when he started to coach Elena she was ranked 160 in the world and one step away from retirement. In Elena's best performing year she achieved 3 top 10 wins, beat the reigning French Open Grand Slam Champion and made the top 50 for the first time in her career at the age of 26.

*In no way, shape or form are Leon Smith, Nigel Sears or Ana Ivanovic connected with, or uses The Hub Programme. Martyn Waghorn Waghorn recruited Nino Severino as Sports Science support, which included The Hubs method and principles.

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