The Hub Performance Programme

The The Hub Performance Programme, is the first of its kind, it’s an online athlete, coaches and parental development programme designed and created by experienced world class coaches.

This unique development and training programme offer the opportunity to access information and resources which will take the athletes training and competition to the next level, enabling the development of technical and tactical skills.

If you feel your current programme content may need some enhancing, the knowledge, methods and principles within The Hub Performance Programme, could make an immediate impact on the current structure and quality. The content of the programme has been proven to aid high performance across all athlete preparation and competitive areas.

What are the benefits of The Hub Performance Programme?

After completing the licence process, athletes, coaches and parents can access the Hub Portal, on entering, you can experience the wide ranging elements and the wealth of components included in the programme, topics such as:

  • Speed, power and reaction training
  • Professionally designed programmes
  • Solutions to many training and competitive issues
  • Methods, principles and knowledge for athletes, coaches and parents
  • Training programmes developing movement efficiency skills
  • Programmes that develop mental toughness and psychological skills
  • High quality sports nutritional programmes
  • Speed and power developed through high quality programmes
  • Avoiding injury and improving rehabilitation
  • Increased performance through recovery and lifestyle programmes
  • Accessing a parent in sport development programme

Something missing from your coaching and training programme?

Wanting more as a coach, athlete or parent?

Are you spending too much time researching training and development programmes?

Wide ranging methods, principles and knowledge packaged in one holistic delivery

Who uses The Hub Programme?

Abbie Thorrington (British International Triathlete)

Before meeting Nino I was unsure whether my childhood dream of becoming an Olympic athlete would progress into adulthood. At the time I was competing both Nationally and Internationally at swimming, cycling and triathlon. Although I was physically fit through being very active, when it came to race day I suffered with stomach pains, and in some cases it resulted in a DNF due to the massive amount of pain I was in. My parents were always massively supportive and tried looking for ways to sort the stomach pains out, from seeing private specialists, speaking to different coaches and funding me to begin working with Nino. At the time we were unsure whether any of these methods would work, and we were still unsure whether the pains were due to nervousness or a physiological problem.

However if I am completely honest working with Nino over the course of around 3 years helped me massively, and the stomach pains started to go. Not only did Nino work on the physical aspects of training to get me fitter, but also nutritional factors which are very important. However the greatest influence Nino had was to give me confidence in myself and my own ability. Still to this day I am unsure how he did this, but I feel that if my parents would not have funded me to work with Nino my sporting aspirations could have turned out very differently.

As for today I am currently training, and am funded by UK Sport as a full time triathlete at the National High Performance Centre for triathlon in Loughborough. Since working with Nino I went on and continue to be a regular GB international athlete, competing on a European and World stage. My ultimate aim is to achieve 2012 Olympic selection and become an Olympic Champion.

Abbie Thorrington (Official EIS World Class Athlete & GB International)

The Hub Performance Quality of Standard

The Hub professionals pride themselves on the quality of the programmes and elements you will find once you enter the site. The programme has been designed specifically with the coach, athlete and parent in mind, fast tracking all to the knowledge and programme content that can make an immediate impact on all in the team.