The Hub Programme designed by Olympic and British No.1 technical coach, costs just £5 per month for a 12 month subscription. That means for only £60 a year you'll have access to an incredibly large amount of knowledge, experience, methods and principles of sport training and preparation.

The Hub Programme is a worldwide product. If you are outside the UK click the Currency Converter button to find the actual cost in your country.

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Why Is The Hub Programme Run On A Subscription?

The Hub Programme is an evolving product. The team behind The Hub Programme are constantly updating and improving the content of the site. For this reason, we strongly believe that being a member of The Hub Programme will add invaluable components to your current programme, whether you are just starting out as recreational athlete or an aspiring Champion.

The monthly Hub subscription enables us to keep The Hub Programme fully up to date, making it the only complete online training programme of its kind in the world! And for this we would like to thank all our existing members.

If we were to make it a one-off payment the information on the site would very quickly become obsolete and therefore a useless tool.

As a Hub Programme member you will be informed of these updates and new features via email, as well as many other exclusive offers and information.

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