How 1 to 1 works

One to one is a personal service The Hub offers for club through to international athletes looking to take their programmes up to the next level. All the Hub components will be presented to clients by Nino personally supported by his Hub team of professionals. All programme components are logged in a personal Hub client file so access can be gained anywhere in the world.

The 1 to 1 consultancy programme consists of:-

  • Initial online meet to discuss athlete and their programme

The initial meet allows Nino to understand the athletes current programme in terms of the training they are delivering and the level they would like to achieve. After this initial in-depth online meeting an athlete report will be completed based on the findings.

The report is based on a simple but effective red, amber and green rating:

  • Red – Non existent
  • Amber – needs development and progressing
  • Green – currently existing (but may need to be developed)

After the findings report has been presented, Nino will then recommend solutions which will dramatically improve the quality of the programme. Nino will ask for continual and consistent feedback from athletes, coaches and parents to ensure that the programme changes are having the desired effect.


Feedback from a Hub client:

Thank you for the meeting.  As always, it was very helpful.  I was just looking over my notes from our first meeting on 01 September.  As you introduced me to your programme and way of thinking, I was immediately able to implement your recommendations and changed Ingimar's tennis schedule for the Autumn term: We used your phrase "overload creates adaptation" to shape our planning and began using all that you offered by way of weekly planning. 

By the second meeting, we had a month of programme and Ingimar was settling in to new rhythms of on court and off court training.  You pointed out that he needed to have a rest day and we have been trying to balance his schedule to include rest.  We discussed "quality v volume v recovery" and how Ingimar could fine tune his time plan.

He played a regional tournament last weekend and progressed beyond his ranking and rating, getting to the Final and losing in a third set tie-break.  On the way, he knocked out 3 players higher rated and ranked.  Over the Christmas holidays, he reached 2 Finals and 1 Semi-Final.  As it is only his first season in the 16U age group, he is doing very well, starting in September at #237 and rising to the mid 60's by the end of this week.

But most of all, he is very happy with his tennis.  As reaching many Grade 3 Finals this season shows, he is confident and improving.  He is excited for a summer of tournaments, both in Britain and abroad in ITF Juniors.  He will have had 8 months of training with you by May and will be well prepared for his tournament schedule.

Best regards


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